Debt Harassment


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Creditor and debt collector harassment comes in many forms, including verbal abuse, deceptive letters, and unfair lawsuits. The bottom line is that you need a lawyer who has everyday knowledge and experience fighting these lawsuits in court. You need a lawyer who knows how to use both state and federal laws to seriously bring the fight to aggressive debt collectors. The collection industry is a huge lobby with unbelievable power. Their power over the average consumer lends itself to significant opportunities for abuse. Unaware consumers are often confused and taken advantage of through means of deception, intimidation and force.

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Alliance Legal Group’s well-rounded and experienced consumer-protection, debt harassment lawyers know how to use laws relating to creditor abuse, including pre-lawsuit contacts, unfair lawsuit tactics, and post-lawsuit judgment enforcement tactics that can literally freeze the only money you have. When abuse or harassment exists, our lawyers will aggressively take action against the responsible creditor. You need the protection to protect against present and future harm. Alliance Legal Group cannot only save you money – but could also make you money.

We represent clients in the following areas:
Collection agency abuse
Anonymous calls from bill collectors
Creditors’ calls early morning or late at night
Calls at work by credit lawyers
Credit attorney harassment
Calls to friends, neighbors, or coworkers
Threats of violence, lawsuit, or arrest
Threats of wage garnishment
Use of obscene language
Accusations of crime
Collection attorney or agency lies
Negative credit reporting threats
Attempts to collect more than you owe
Debt collectors using false names
Contact by postcard
Intimidation, lies, debt harassment
Other debt collecting abuse
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